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We can help you find the best accounting software for your business.

Over the last two years, we have developed a service that reviews and refines business accounts departments and we have found this service to be a huge benefit to those that have undertaken it.

Having an outside expert review your systems, approaches and workload management can have an immediate effect on productivity. We have also found that cost savings can be achieved by reviewing outdated or overpriced systems that are in place and replacing them with modern cost-effective alternatives.

As we have exposure to such a range of clients, we are able to suggest and implement systems that you may not have been encountered before, or approaches to undertake work that may not seem obvious.

We also offer training in the accounting software to ensure that you and your staff are getting the most from your new and improved way of working.

At South East Bookkeeping, we are pioneering the idea of reviewing your accounts department and the results show that this is a hugely beneficial project to undertake.

We are Certified Advisors For Quickbooks, Xero & More

We’re fully up to date with leading accounting software providers. We can build them into the infrastructure of your business, offering consultancy and training so you can maximise their potential and be sure your team feel totally comfortable using them.


Quickbooks - We’re Partners

Quickbooks online is the UK’s #1 cloud accounting software solution. Perfect for small businesses and sole traders, you can securely update your accounts on-the-go.  

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